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5 Areas Of Your Online Business Where You Can Save With Remote Workers


Saving overhead is an important part of keeping your online business running while eliminating unnecessary costs. If you have a medium to large online business, there are several areas where in-house workers are not necessary.

Information Technology

It is imperative to minimize downtime in your online business. Any server problems can translate into lost revenue. Consider outsourcing your IT needs by using a data center or colocation service. The sole purpose of these services are to keep servers up and running around the clock, which includes upgrades and security measures.

You may find it is more economical and space saving to avoid keeping your business servers at headquarters and having employees available to fix problems at any time of the day. Since hackers and other internet vulnerabilities can compromise your business or customers' personal information, you want to offer the best protection. Using outside services allows you to have the optimum server protection around the clock

Customer Service

Many companies hire remote employees or independent contractors to help with customer service. You can work with your development team to create a platform where workers can log in remotely to access the necessary information to take phone orders or handle customer problems. Since your customer service professionals are remote and may be from all over the globe, you can handle customer care at any hour of the day.

As a component of customer service, you may want to include remote workers to handle email concerns and live chats, in addition to phone service. Many customers appreciate the convenience of having a live chat available 24 hours per day.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is a complex and important industry with many components and it is invaluable for the success of your business. With many freelance writers gaining new skills to stay competitive, you will likely find freelance writers are an ideal addition to your workforce for your internet marketing needs. Your internet marketing needs may include social media management and search engine optimization.

By hiring writers with additional skills your other business writing needs, such as product descriptions and technical reports, can often be handled by your same team of writers. Since it is unnecessary to have employees in-house to meet these needs, it is a cost-effective solution to find remote workers with a variety of internet marketing and writing skills.

Website Management

Freelance graphic designers, web developers and website managers are another industry that is easy to handle remotely. You may want to consider contracting a team who can create new programs for your website, change the user interface and load content as needed. Many graphic designers have excellent photography skills, which is another necessary component for your business.

When you need professional photographs of products, they can be shipped to your photographer and the pictures can be uploaded for your approval. Most aspects of your website, from the user interface to the coding by web developers, is not an ongoing project and best serviced by reliable contractors.

Administrative Assistants

Virtual assistants are a popular remote employment choice because many workers have extensive knowledge of productivity software, email and other administrative needs. Additionally, many at-home workers prefer to have a source of income from a steady job, in addition to their contracting work.

If your business typically employs several workers to fill administrative duties, you may want to consider scaling back to one employee and hiring remote workers to fill other obligations. Even if you only have one administrative assistant, they can perform most duties remotely and come into the office once or twice per week. This is an easy way to cut the daily expenses of running your business, while helping your employees cut their work-related expenses.

With the increase in high-quality productivity and conference software available, there are many jobs within your business that can be handled remotely. Utilizing a remote workforce for most of your business needs can reduce overhead and often leads to more satisfied employees.


2 October 2015