Deciding Which Internet Perks You Need

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3 Technology Tips For Live Video


Live streaming and other methods of two-way interactive video can be an important part of your internet business or allow you to pursue other income streams, such as teaching, tutoring, or counseling. If you want to have the technology available for live video, there are basic technology needs to help you start.

Choose Useful Internet Features

Since internet is the major part of live video, you should make sure you are purchasing the most your money can buy. If possible, try purchasing fiber optic service, which offers newer, faster internet technology. Many remote areas are limited to satellite internet, which can be significantly affected by weather patterns. When satellite internet is your only option, you must be more cognizant about weather forecasts and how you can work around them to minimize disruptions in your work.

You will need to consider additional options are offered by your internet service provider and how they can be useful to your needs. You may want to use your mobile device to engage in short live streams while you are away from home, especially if vlogging is important to you or you need to interact with clients. It may be wise to spend a little extra each month for a higher tier plan that affords you access to mobile hotspots rather than spending money on additional mobile data. Another advantage to using hotspots offered by your ISP is security. In many situations, you may find a hotspot is located in the same place as an open network (such as fast-food restaurants or coffee houses). Having to log in to access Wi-Fi affords you some extra protection than using an open network.

Find A Good Webcam

When you are in the market for a webcam, it is best to go into a store where there are plenty of displays set up so you can watch how the camera performs. It is difficult to determine which webcam will give you the best resolution purely from the specs because this information can be misleading. Some cameras display their specs in terms of megapixels (MP) or pixels (p). A webcam that shoots in 1080p may seem drastically better than a 2MP webcam, when actually they both shoot video in approximately 2 million pixels. You want a webcam with the ability to shoot in HD video quality, which is usually 1080p or 720p.

Frames per second (fps) is another factor that will affect the quality of your live video. Try to choose a camera that will allow you at least 30 fps in HD. As the amount of fps goes up, usually you are unable to able to capture video in higher resolutions and the camera will place more demands on your system. The connection of your webcam can also make a difference in your results. Most webcams connect to your computer via USB. If possible, you may want to choose a webcam that is capable of connecting via IEEE 1394, which may be faster and result in a better live streaming experience.

Have The Right Hardware

Once you have fast, reliable internet and a good quality webcam, you need the appropriate hardware for everything to work. If you are in the market for a new computer, there are some features you should consider. One feature that can be harder to find is an Ethernet port because many laptops are not including the port in their base model. Although Ethernet is not essential for doing live video, it can improve the quality and reduce lag. You want to have the option to be hardwired during live streams and not rely on Wi-Fi, which is slower and has the risk of a dropped signal. If you already own a laptop, it may be wise to consider investing in a desktop. You can often purchase more features in a desktop for a similar price and it is easier to upgrade a desktop.

Although there is no perfect configuration for a computer to ensure a good experience with live video, certain pieces of hardware are more important than others. Focus on faster, more powerful memory and processing speeds. Your processor is important for meeting the demands of your webcam and allow you to shoot video in higher quality. Graphics and video cards are more important for your ability to see the people who are live streaming with you, with less freezing or lag.

Two-way communication is increasingly popular for vloggers and online collaborations, but this technology can open doors in many freelance professions. When you are considering ways to expand your income opportunities, try investing in technology to do live video.


25 August 2016