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5 Must Have Features For Your New DVR


Digital video recorders have come a long way over the year in terms of technological advances. It is no longer enough to simply record a show and let you watch it later. Here are some must have features that you'll want your next DVR to have to get the most out of it.

Multiple Tuners

Having a DVR with a single tuner is no longer the standard. In fact, many DVRs will come equipped with multiple tuners. Look for a DVR that has as many as four tuners, which let you record up to four different shows at once. You'll no longer fight with your family over which shows record, since it will be enough to timeshift everyone's favorite shows.

Fast Playback

Do you have shows that you like watching, but wish you could get through them a little bit faster? If so, know that there are DVRs that allow fast playback of your recorded programming. It will play back the show at a slightly increased speed while keeping the audio at a natural pitch. This can help you fit in more of your favorite shows if your TV watching time is limited.

Mobile Streaming

People no longer want to feel bound to their TV to watch their favorite programming. Thankfully, DVRs now come equipped with the ability to stream programming to your mobile phone. It's even possible to download your shows to your phone so that you can watch them on the go without using cellular data.

Voice Control

Skipping commercials these days has never been easier. Instead of using the remote, it is possible to use voice controls to tell your DVR what you want it to do. You can skip forward past a commercial break, pause your show, or resume playback. It's a feature you may not realize you needed until you try it out for yourself.

Multi Room Receivers

Do you have multiple TVs in your home that you want to use your DVR with? While using a DVR on each TV used to require its own receiver, you can now save money by purchasing small satellite receivers. The main DVR does all the work of recording the shows, and the satellite receives stream the data to a different TV. These satellite receivers even work off of WiFi. It's an affordable way to get your DVR to every room of your home without having to run unnecessary wires.


22 May 2019