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Troubleshooting Packet Loss In An Online Game Using The Command Prompt


When you plan an online game, you have to connect to the game's server in order to play. A stream of information is sent back and forth in the form of packets, but what happens if some of these packets don't reach their destination? You'll experience signs of packet loss. Using the command prompt will help you to narrow down and troubleshoot a packet-loss issue.

What Packet Loss Looks Like

You may associate packet loss with symptoms of lag. Your character may feel stuck in-game, or certain game elements may not load completely. You may push a button, and there is a massive delay between you pressing the button and your character performing an action. This is because those elements of information are being lost between your computer and your game's server. However, you will still be active in the game and able to do most activities, even if you experience some lag.

Using The Command Prompt

Packet loss is difficult to detect if you try to troubleshoot it while it isn't occurring. Your best course of action is to have a command prompt ready or another tool that allows you to track ping and trace commands. Once your game shows signs of packet loss, start the test and continue for at least five minutes.

To open the command prompt open the windows menu and type cmd into the search. Click the item that says cmd. This will open a black text prompt on your screen.  Once this is open you will want to type this command: ping -t x.x.x.x. The x's are a placeholder for the server IP address of your game's server. The -t portion of the command allows you to ping the game server continually. After you type the command, hit enter. To stop pinging you will want to hit the Ctrl and C keys at the same time.

A table will be displayed that shows each step your packets of information take to reach your game's server from your computer. The times in milliseconds show how long it takes each response to reach your computer from the game's server. Abnormally long times indicate an issue with your information getting from place to place and can show packet loss.

The byte size shows the size of the packet sense. At the bottom of the ping test, it will show how many packets you sent and how many, if any, were lost.  

Reach Out To Your Internet Service Provider

If the results of your ping test show you're having issues, you should work with your ISP. They will be able to provide support for rented equipment that may be contributing to the issue.

Sometimes a packet loss issue is outside of your local network, and your internet service provider can assist with those issues and provide additional troubleshooting steps. If the problem continues, consider getting high-speed internet services to better help you avoid packet loss. 


12 August 2019