Moving Into A House With Roommates? Analyze Needs To Get The Right Internet Plan


When you are living in your parents' home, you may not think too much about the Internet connection. But, when you are about to move out for the first time, you may decide to minimize your monthly expenses by renting a house with several roommates. This means that you will need to cooperate in various ways to have a smooth experience while you are living there. An important topic to discuss is the Internet connection because you should expect everyone to have a smartphone and laptop, desktop, or tablet that they want to use at home.

11 February 2018

Important Points To Remember When Setting Up A Business Internet Connection


Having an internet connection for your business is crucial nowadays. You can't rely on public Wi-Fi for much because of the security risk, of course, and it's pretty much unheard of now for a business not to have a web page for customers to access. But setting up business internet service, as easy as it is, still requires care. This is not like your home connection at all. Data Goes Faster Than You Think

11 September 2017

3 Technology Tips For Live Video


Live streaming and other methods of two-way interactive video can be an important part of your internet business or allow you to pursue other income streams, such as teaching, tutoring, or counseling. If you want to have the technology available for live video, there are basic technology needs to help you start. Choose Useful Internet Features Since internet is the major part of live video, you should make sure you are purchasing the most your money can buy.

25 August 2016

5 Areas Of Your Online Business Where You Can Save With Remote Workers


Saving overhead is an important part of keeping your online business running while eliminating unnecessary costs. If you have a medium to large online business, there are several areas where in-house workers are not necessary. Information Technology It is imperative to minimize downtime in your online business. Any server problems can translate into lost revenue. Consider outsourcing your IT needs by using a data center or colocation service. The sole purpose of these services are to keep servers up and running around the clock, which includes upgrades and security measures.

2 October 2015

Why You Should Be Considering A Colocation Provider For Your Small Business


As an entrepreneur, it's up to you to manage not only your daily operations but also your entire infrastructure. When it comes to your servers and network, finding the best possible space for the hardware can be difficult. One of the best options for many growing businesses is colocation. If you're not familiar, colocation services store your network infrastructure, including your servers and other hardware, in a shared space with many other companies.

27 August 2015