Optimize Your Online Gaming Experience With A Few Tips


If you enjoy online games and have been playing them for many years, you may be more than familiar with the advantages that you can get with better latency. A person playing with high latency will notice that it takes longer for their actions to happen in a game, which can play a noticeable role in someone's performance when they are playing a fast-paced game that demands rapid action. When you are interested in optimizing your online gaming experience by improving your connection and reducing latency, you should take advantage of a few tips.

29 November 2019

Troubleshooting Packet Loss In An Online Game Using The Command Prompt


When you plan an online game, you have to connect to the game's server in order to play. A stream of information is sent back and forth in the form of packets, but what happens if some of these packets don't reach their destination? You'll experience signs of packet loss. Using the command prompt will help you to narrow down and troubleshoot a packet-loss issue. What Packet Loss Looks Like

12 August 2019

5 Must Have Features For Your New DVR


Digital video recorders have come a long way over the year in terms of technological advances. It is no longer enough to simply record a show and let you watch it later. Here are some must have features that you'll want your next DVR to have to get the most out of it. Multiple Tuners Having a DVR with a single tuner is no longer the standard. In fact, many DVRs will come equipped with multiple tuners.

22 May 2019